Victoria Beckham Tells Hubby: 4 is Enough

Victoria Beckham told her husband David Beckhamas she cuddled their new daughter Harper Seven, “We’ve had four kids — no more,” The Sun reported Tuesday.

The 37-year-old designer insisted that their family was now “complete,” a friend revealed — and her soccer star husband, 36, agreed.

LA Galaxy star Beckham is said to understand why his wife is calling a halt to more children after her difficult pregnancy gave her back pain and bunions. Read more

The Beckhams’ baby is born to be cool

Harper Seven is more than the name of the world’s most famous newborn. It is a measure of how far the Beckham brand has come in the 12 years since they named their first son Brooklyn to a chorus of hilarity and barely concealed snobbery. When Brooklyn was born, the media reaction could be summed up as: how typical that such a ridiculous couple should pick such an eye-roller of a name.

With Harper, it couldn’t be more different. The eye-rollers haven’t got far this time, because the consensus seems to be that it is a really nice name. Subtle, with literary connotations rather than name-in-lights razzle-dazzle. What’s more, this time the Beckhams have shown they are one step ahead of the pack. Ever since it was announced that their fourth child was to be a girl, gossip magazines and tabloids have been in such a frenzy of thrilled excitement, you’d think the other Beckham babies had been lizards rather than a trio of gorgeous, mop-haired boys. The common assumption was that the name would be a frothy celebration of femininity. Mea culpa: last week on the Guardian fashion desk we discussed our predictions. My colleague Imogen was backing Audrey; I thought it might be a Grace. Both a bit Hollywood, a bit European, very chic, very fashion.

The Beckhams were way ahead of us. They have resisted the syrupy appeal of the noughties crop of little-girl names – the formula seemed to be, take one Flower Fairy name and one Vegas showgirl stage name, and stick a hyphen in the middle – and chosen a girl’s name that sounds a bit like a boy’s name. What’s more, they haven’t paired it with a cutesy middle name to girlify it. Continue