Pre-stardom Beckham was a hard worker

The David Beckham you see today, the superstar lifestyle and all the trappings of the rich and famous, is in sharp contrast to the young David Beckham of humble origins.

“He was a young kid, very respectful and he worked very, very hard,” said Paul Mariner, assistant coach with the New England Revolution and a former England international himself. “You could see he cared about what he was doing and he has carried that through in his career. He had unbelievable role models with Manchester United and the national team and that helped him.”

Revolution head coach Steve Nicol recalls Beckham as “not a player who was going to run past you or dribble past you, he was going to pass the ball past you.”

Nicol was near the end of his playing career with Sheffield Wednesday when he defended against Beckham for the final time. Read more